Cape Jungle Kids Welcomes You


Cape Jungle Kids

we offer our clients the freedom to cater for their own needs. A basic

jungle gym

consists of a


where four


can be added. Each component is charged individually. A selection can be made from our basic floor layout and thereafter you can add your choice of


or you can design your own layouts to your needs, space and budget.

You can link


or design around trees to make your own

customised jungle gym

. We also specialise in

tree houses


themed jungle gyms


play houses


doll houses


We cater for home owners, townhouse owners (with limited space), crèches, and


up to big

municipal playgrounds

. As the most professional

timber jungle gym manufacturer

in the Western Cape, we are the only manufacturer to guarantee our work for two years.

Contact us now for a no obligations, custom quote or submit us a sketch or photo of your desired design.
" A Cape Jungle Kid is a Happy, Healthy Kid."